Church Organizations

Ladies Aid Mission Statement
The mission of the Tabor Lutheran Church Ladies Aid Society is to be of service and assistance to our congregation when and wherever an opportunity presents itself. Additionally, we seek to be of help in promoting Christian principles and ideals, while fostering Christian love and fellowship within and without the boundaries of the congregation. Our commitment is to do good at home and abroad for the Lord’s sake.

President: Bette Quandt
Vice President:  Tracy Brooks
Secretary:  Evelyn Charlson
Treasurer: Diane Fitzpatrick

The Ladies Aid currently have nine active members. Activities include making quilts for the homeless shelter and needy; organizing and serving luncheons for funerals as requested; organizing and serving breakfasts for the congregation as needed (example:  for the congregational meeting). We also contribute to mission organizations. As members of the Altar Guild, we assist in decorating the church for Christmas. Members attend and participate in LWML zone and district functions.

Altar Guild Mission Statement
The mission of Tabor Lutheran Church Altar Committee is the care and beautification of the Chancel of the Church, including the care of the Communion Vessels, Baptismal Vessels and font; while fostering a better understanding of the liturgical heritage of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.


JANUARY:  Deanna Tachick and Laurie Schoenebeck

FEBRUARY:  Brenda Urban and Bette Quandt

MARCH:  Janet Strohbusch and Diane Fitzpatrick

APRIL:  Bette Quandt and Cindy Tennant

MAY:  Letha Seering and Donna Tetzlaff

JUNE:  Brenda Carey-Mielke

JULY:  Jane Porubcan and Tracy Brooks

AUGUST:  Cheryl Jawort and Janet Strohbusch

SEPTEMBER:  Shirley Bubolz and Nancy Krueger

OCTOBER:  Brenda Urban and Deb Alsteen

NOVEMBER:  Tracy Brooks and Val Fingal

DECEMBER:  Ev Charlson and Tracy Brooks

Kings’ Court Youth Group (Suspended due to lack of participants) 
Kings’ Court Youth Group meets during the school year on the first Wednesday, at 6:00 p.m. at Tabor, Mountain. The youth leaders are Cindy Scheunemann, Nikki Timm, and Pastor Paul. The group is active with several fundraisers: calendars, soup sales and spaghetti luncheons. The group distributes annually Christmas needy bags to low income homes, participates in a two-mile highway cleanup. The group is made of Tabor, Emmanuel, and Mt. Olive High School youth.

WASP (Wednesday After School Program) (Suspended due to lack of participants)
Every Wednesday during the school year from 3:45-5:00 p.m. an after-school program is conducted for the elementary school age children. This is led by Nancy Krueger and Toots Olsen. The group enjoys a snack upon arrival. In devotions the confirmation class takes turns lighting the altar candles before we all sing and pray to the Lord in the classroom. We divide into classes to continue with Bible stories, learn how they relate to us today, and finish with a craft. Confirmation Class is instructed by Pastor during this time. A Christmas program in December is presented by the students followed with a soup and sandwich supper for fellowship.

Church Board MembersEugene Krueger, President; Richard Gipp, 1st Vice President/Elder; John Francis, Treasurer; Cheryl Jawort, Secretary; Scott Tennant, 2nd Vice President/Elder; and Janet Strohbusch, Financial Secretary

Church Organist(s):  Carol Hiese; Sunday and Nancy Krueger, Substitute

Church Custodians:  Valerie Fingal and Brenda VandenBloomer

Church Administrator:  James Vorpahl

Church Newsletter:   Jane Porubcan, Layout

Website:  Jane Porubcan